The Murderer

Chapter 1: The state of mountains.

It was a warm spring morning in Wheeling, West Virginia. The birds were chirping and the flowers were dancing. The cars were honking and the people were yelling, it was a normal day. Sam had just opened her eyes to the sun shining in her room. She jumped out of bed and got dressed, not knowing what will happen. She had a red sweater with blue jeans, her hair as yellow as the sun. She started to look for her parents, but she couldn’t find them. She walked out of her house and watched the birds chirping and flying. Her phone buzzed and an alert came up: AMBER ALERT, LAST SEEN IN A PURPLE PICKUP TRUCK. NAME IS ANTHONY AND IS 13. She looked around, and didn’t see any purple trucks. She got in her white Toyota and drove to the arcade. As she walked in the smell of popcorn and pizza hit her, she loved it. She went to the coin machine and put in $20. 80 quarters came out and she put them in her pocket. She found a game she liked, it was a whack a mole game, she put 2 quarters in and picked up the hammer. The moles started to pop up and she started to hit them. She was having fun; she was close to beating the high score. The machine often made a loud noise like an air horn almost out of air. As the game ended she beat the high score of 20,000 with 30,000. She was happy and cheering loudly, everyone started to look at her like she was crazy. She saw an old pacman game, she put 2 quarters in and it started. The ghosts started to chase her, she went towards the big dots so she can eat the ghosts. She didn’t really like the game, but she kept playing anyway. She almost got all the dots when the ghosts ganged up on her. They cornered her and defeated her, she was angry. But she then realized she had another life, so she got the last dots and won. She wasn’t as cheerful when she won. She heard glass shattered and screaming, so she ran and hid. She found a spot behind one of the machines so she hid behind it. She heard gunshots so she stayed hidden and quiet. She wanted to pull her phone out, but she didn’t want to risk the noise and light. She heard the sirens of police cars coming, but the shooters took hostages. People all around are screaming help, one person tried to escape outside but they got shot. Sam was terrified that she was going to die, she stayed as quiet as she could. When they finally got their demands, they fled. She came out of her hiding spot and police were checking to see if anyone was harmed. They wouldn’t let anyone leave until they were absolutely sure that the shooters were gone. It was night time when they let everyone go, it took forever. She got back in her car and drove home, and when she finally got home the power was out. She got a message on her phone about the missing kid. He was found dead on a sidewalk with his arms cut off. She was very tired so she put her phone on the table and went to bed.
She woke up to find that the power was still out, her phone was almost dead. She got in her car and went to the Dollar store, the power was out there too. it seems to be a blackout. She started to ask around about what’s happening, nobody knew what was going on. She went back home and saw that her door was wide open. She was terrified to go in, the criminal could still be in there. She called the police, but they said it’ll be a while. She decided to walk in, but nobody was there. Nothing seemed to be broken or stolen. The police finally arrived and searched the place, nobody was found. When they searched the basement they found blood everywhere, Sam had no idea where it came from. They decided to question Sam, so they brought her to the police station. She was so confused to why they brought her. It took 45 minutes for them to finally let her go, she felt violated. She finally got back to her house to find a note that said: I’m coming for you, you won’t know when or where, but I’m coming. She was terrified, but she didn’t want to go back to the police so she decided to go in and lie on her bed. Glass shattered from the kitchen, she was so scared that she didn’t even get up. Glass kept shattering, the criminal was breaking everything in the house. He was yelling for Sam, like he knew her. She decided to hide under the bed, but the criminal kept breaking everything. He finally reach her room, he immediately starting smashing as he got inside. He started creeping around the bed like he knew she was under the bed. He got down and looked under the bed. He grabbed her and pulled her out from under the bed and she screamed as loud as she could. The neighbors could hear the scream so they called the police. He pulled a knife from his pocket and put it through her skull. He pulled the knife out of her skull and started to cut her arms off. Blood was squirting everywhere, covering him. He took her arms and ran out. The police arrived and found her dead on the floor with both of her arms cut off. Almost everything in the house was either broken or smashed. They searched all around but found nothing. They knew that they had a serial killer on the loose. The next day it was all over the news, there were 2 more murders during the night, both of their arms cut off. Everyone was scared that they were going to be the next target.
There were multiple calls to the police about screaming and murder, they didn’t know what to do. They stopped responding to calls, and everyone panicked. The killer murdered 5 more people. The next day he disappeared, and the police have no idea who it was or why he did it, but they believe he moved on to a different city. Everyone still worries that he will come back.

Chapter 2: Moving northwest

It was a cold winter morning in Springfield, Ohio. The wind was howling and the cars were honking, everything was normal. A 16-year-old teen named Kyle woke up to the cold air in his room. It was snowing outside, at least 3 inches. He knew it was a free day from the look of the roads. He decided to go back to sleep.

He finally got up at 11:00AM, but it was very quiet. He decided to look around, but nobody was home. He started to get a little worried, so he grabbed his phone and checked the news. The top headline read: People going missing. Kyle got worried and called his mother, but there was no answer.

He started to worry and looked outside, everywhere was covered in snow. The car was still in the driveway, she didn’t leave. He went to get dressed, he got his green shirt and blue coat with blue jeans. He left the house and walked around the house, there was no sign of anyone. There weren’t even any cars on the road.

He started to walk around the neighborhood, but nobody was there. He walked up a small hill and found someone on the ground, it was a 5-year-old boy with a green and white striped shirt. Kyle got a closer look and to his horror he saw that both his arms were cut off. He pulled his phone out and called the police.

They arrived 45 minutes later, and took Kyle for questioning. He told them that his family was missing, and he couldn’t find anyone. They let him go and told him that they will search for his family. He went back to his house and turned on the TV. He changed the channel to the news, 5 people have been found dead with both of their arms cut off.

He was terrified that he would be next, he shut the TV and looked for items to protect himself with. He found a knife but it wasn’t that sharp, but he took it anyway. He went to the basement and he found his mother, hanging with her arms cut off. He started to scream and ran to his room, where he cried. He didn’t know what to do, so he grabbed his phone and called the police again.

They arrived 55 minutes and took Kyle with them. He was in the back seat of the police car crying his eyes out. He felt alone and scared, he didn’t know what to do. They arrived and decided to keep him for a few days before letting him go.

Days passed and he was finally let go, he went straight back to his house to find that his window was busted. He walked in carefully, but a lot was stolen. He felt as if his whole world crashed down, he was sad. Time passed and more people were murdered. They determined that the murderer came from West Virginia. One cold night Kyle decided to take a midnight walk, but right as he walked out the door a knife was pushed into his chest, he was murdered. The murderer cut both his arms off, and he disappeared. Some say they saw him running. He eventually disappeared, with no trace that he was there. It is said that me moved on to another state.

Chapter 3: Threes a charm

It was a hot summer afternoon in Somerset, Kentucky. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. It’s a nice peaceful day, a great day to go outside. Melony was walking down the sidewalk, wearing a purple shirt and beige pants. Her bright yellow hair reflecting the sunlight. The news of the murders from West Virginia and Ohio have spread across the country. Everyone is afraid that the murderer will come to them. As Melony was walking, she saw a creepy man with a horse mask and a black trench coat. She started to run, but the man started to chase her. She ran down a steep and almost fell, she kept her balance and continued running. The man fell and yelled in a demonic way. As she got in a safe spot she tried to call the police, but there was no answer. She noticed that nobody was around, all the stores were closed. She decided to check her phone, and she realized that it was a holiday, but the phone lines were down. She decided to try walking to the police station. It took her 45 minutes to there. She finally arrived, there were a few cops in the building. She walked in and reported what happened. The police told her that it has been happening all around. The cops told her that she should go stay in her house and lock the doors. She went home and waited for the phone lines to come back on.

She waited for 2 days, nothing has happened. The phone lines were still down, and there was still nobody outside. Her phone started to beep loudly, there was a warning. EVERYONE STAY IN YOUR HOUSE AND KEEP YOUR DOOR LOCKED, HAVE A WEAPON WITH YOU. A MURDERER IS AT LARGE, HE IS WEARING A HORSE MASK WITH A BLACK TRENCH COAT. She went to the kitchen and got a knife, it was a long butcher knife. She took it everywhere she walked and never put down. Hours passed, and nothing has happened. She was starting to think that she was hallucinating. She put the knife down and went to her bedroom. Just as she got onto her bed, a window shattered, and the murderer came in. She screamed as loud as she could and tried to run, but she was just too slow. He slit her throat and blood sprayed everywhere, she was dead. Nobody came to see if she was ok, they were too afraid that the murderer would get them. Days passed, and the murderer is still on the loose, everyone is terrified. After 2 months the murderer was finally caught. The phones finally came on and everyone was going outside. Everyone started looking around for the bodies. Melony’s body was eventually found, under her bed. The murderer was revealed a few weeks later, it was Sam from West Virginia’s father.

Chapter 4: Jailbreak

It was a cold winter afternoon; the wind was howling, and the snow was piling up in Somerset,
Kentucky. George, the murderer, is behind bars about to be put to death. He wanted to escape but didn’
t try anything in risk of getting caught. He didn’t want to die so he looked for a way out, but nothing. The
guard came in and said, ͞It’s time.͟ He was crying. He got up and started to walk toward death row. He
saw that the guard had a baton, so he grabbed it and hit the guard on the head. He fell backwards,
knocked out and bleeding. George grabbed his keys and ran, trying to escape. Guards were everywhere
trying to stop him, alarms were going off. He battled his way out, fighting all the guards. He finally
reached the gate but realized that there is barbed wire at the top. He looked around for a door but
couldn’t find anything. He started to run around the gate looking for anything to get out. He found a
gate door, it was rusty and worn out. He put the key in and turned, he was free. He didn’t know where
he was going to go, so he just kept running till he couldn’t run anymore. He was exhausted, he couldn’t
even crawl. He fell to the ground and fell asleep. He woke up to the cold snow filled ground. He got up
and brushed the snow off him. He knew he had to find a disguise if he didn’t want to get caught. He
started to walk around, looking for clothes to wear, but he found nothing. He decided to quietly go to
the nearest city and try stealing clothes. He reached Somerset, the town he terrorized. He found the
nearest clothing store, but there were too many people. He decided to hide and wait for night time.
It finally got dark, and the clothing store was closed. He picked up a brick from the ground and threw it
at the window. The glass shattered, and an alarm went off, he hurried and grabbed a shirt, some pants,
and a hat. He ran as fast as he could and hid behind a tree, so he could change clothes. He had a purple
shirt with white stripes, gray jeans, and a yellow hat. As he got done getting dressed, he went to sleep
behind the tree. He woke up and went to walk into town, but there was nobody around. He saw a
newspaper stand and took a newspaper. It read: MASS MURDERER GEORGE HAS ESCAPED FROM
PRISON, STAY INDOORS AND BE VERY CAUTIOUS. ͞Not again͟, George said. He didn’t know what to do
so he went back behind the tree and started planning what to do next.
He finally came to a decision, he would go to the next state, Tennessee. He got up and started walking,
he found a knife in the ground, so he took it with him. He reached a river, he wondered if he could get
across, so he went in, but it was too deep. There was a woman, she had brown hair, wearing a green
dress and a beige sunhat. She disappeared 25 seconds after, he thought that he was just hallucinating.
He found a shallow area, he could finally cross. He made it to Tennessee within hours, he arrived in

Chapter 5: The Hostage Negotiation

It was a warm winter night in Nashville, Tennessee. It was quiet and no cars around. George walked around the city only to notice that there was nobody around. The city looked as if it were abandoned, cars in the road, no people, and shops still had the open signs on. He entered the Pepe’s Sandwiches shop and looked everywhere, but there was nobody. There was still food and drinks on the tables, as if they were forced out. He decided to go to the police station and check if anyone is there. He entered but nobody was there, a radio then blared: “EVACUATION, A MASS MURDERER IS ON THE LOOSE.” Everyone was gone, nobody was around. He decided to start looting the restaurants and stores. Alarms went off but nobody came. He stole a knife from a diner and went around taking out cameras and windows. He broke into the clothing store and took out the camera and stole clothes. He used the knife and cut off his hair. He walked out and acted like he was confused to why everyone was missing. He finally found someone, he was wearing an orange hoodie, black shoes, regular jeans, and had blonde hair. George went up to him acting like he was totally confused. He asked “Where is everyone?” “They all left in fear” He replied. “But why?” George replied. “Because a murderer is on the lo…Wait….Who are you?” He said suspiciously. George grabbed the knife from his back pocket and slashed his neck. Blood poured out onto the sidewalk, nobody to help, and nobody to stop George. George dragged the body into the nearest bush and made sure it couldn’t be seen. He ran and looked around but there was nobody else around. He got bored of the city and decided to steal a bike and ride 20 .6 miles to Franklin, Tennessee. He arrived within 2 hours. There were people everywhere, not running in fear. He pulled his knife out and starting slashing random people on the sidewalk, starting a panic. The police arrived and tried to stop him, but he stabbed them and blood poured all over him. No more police arrived in fear that they would get killed. He looted stores all over and raided police stations. He stole a pistol from the Franklin Police Station and shot 3 officers. Backup was called in and he panicked, he took 2 officers hostage. The hostage negotiator arrived in a S.W.A.T van and called George on the phone in the station. “What are your demands?” asked the negotiator. “I want a helicopter that will get me out of the country and nobody to follow me” George replied. “Do you have any other demands?” The negotiator asked hoping there was something else they could give him. “No, I want a helicopter or else I’m shooting a hostage, make one wrong move and they both die!” He exclaimed. “We need a helicopter.” He told the other officers. “Where are we suppose to get one?” They said. The negotiator looked around and saw one on the roof of the station. He pointed to it and said “What about that one?” “Yes, but there’s no fuel in it.” The officers said. “We’ll just tell them it is, maybe he’ll let them go and we’ll have a shot.” explained the negotiator. “Okay, there is a helicopter fully fueled on the roof. Use the left stairs to reach it, and you will be free.” He said. George pointed the gun at them and yelled for them to go up the stairs. He reached the top and approached the helicopter.”Where are the keys?” asked George. “It’s on my key ring, it’s the blue one.” said the first officer. George grabbed it and threw him on the ground pointing the gun at the other officer as they approached the helicopter. George hit the officer on the head with the gun, knocking him out. He ran to the helicopter and put the key in but nothing happened. “Take your shot” The negotiator said on the radio. Before he could rant, the sniper on the roof beside the station shot him between his eyes, killing him and dripping blood. It was all over, and everyone can go back to living in peace.


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